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You are here because you need help. Perhaps you need help figuring out how how to navigate a criminal case or you have a civil rights issue or an employment matter. But you don’t know who to turn to or what your first step should be.

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I am available to represent clients in a variety of matters related to civil rights and social justice. If you do not see your specific matter listed above, please reach out. I will help you myself or will direct you to a trusted colleague who can best serve you.

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Defending Civil Rights

Defending Your Civil Rights

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Redefining Legal Care

Juvenile Defense

Juvenile Defense

Civil Rights Lawyer Passionate About Social Justice & Service

I am a civil rights lawyer and dedicated legal services provider in Chicago. My faith is what led me to pursue my legal career.

As a person founded in faith, I believe in social justice and compassion for all. I have seen all too often the injustices that people face. As a civil rights lawyer, I aim to right the wrongs in the system while educating and empowering youth and adults to create a better future for all.

It is my goal to help bridge the gap between my community and our legal system.

Redefining What it Means to Hire a Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is a burdensome task for many. The uncertainty over whether you have found the right person to represent you, the fear over potential outcomes, and the concern over the sometimes excessive costs can keep anyone from taking the necessary step in seeking help.

I bring a holistic approach to my legal practice. I focus on helping my clients balance all aspects of life that get wrapped up in the legal process. 

Let Me Help You. Call Today for a Free Consult.

I am a dedicated attorney based in Chicago, and I am here to help anyone who feels disempowered when facing the legal system. Let’s even the odds against you. Call me, Kendra Spearman, today at 312-788-2602 or email my Chicago law firm. We’ll discuss your situation in a free, confidential consultation.

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There is so much I can say about Attorney Spearman. Since my family has worked with her she has been a blessing. She's answers your calls and prays for your situation. I have sons and they haven't made every step perfect, but when I say I don't know what I would have done without Attorney Spearman helping my family through the situation I mean just that. She is God Sent.

Fatina Smith
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My son was in a bit of trouble. It was something neither him nor I have ever experienced before. Being a mom, you want the best for your child but children makes mistakes sometimes. Not knowing what to do or who to turn to, I was introduced to Attorney Kendra Spearman. Attorney Spearman was God's gift to my son and myself. As of Nov 2021 my son's cased is closed. Attorney Spearman, keep doing what you're doing. God has truly blessed us with you and all that you do.

Michelle White
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Attorney Kendra Spearman is a great Lawyer and highly recommendable . She works within your budget and gets straight to the point regarding the situation at hand. If your looking for a lawyer that really cares about your case and doesn’t prolong your case just to take your money then Spearman Law is fantastic way to go!!

Andrew Thomas
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Kendra takes pride in her work and it shows through the dedication she provides to her client. Great communication, affordable, and also a fighter for whats right. Proud to say Minister Kendra D. Spearman is a friend and a great attorney.

Dominique Richardson
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